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Coast to Coast

As the name suggests, the coast to coast walk spans the entire width of northern england. Over the 192 mile walk you will cross through 3 national parks and encounter some of the most scenic landscapes in the British Isles.
The trail accommodates walkers and cyclists alike with 2 similar routes to follow.
cleveland way sign

Cleveland Way

With swathes of heather moor and breathtaking coast line, the cleveland way is a great way to experience the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and its iconic coast.
The walk is 109 miles and usually undertaken in between 7 and 10 days.
lyke wake walk start

Lyke Wake Walk

The Lyke Wake Walk is a 40 mile challenge walk around the North Yorkshire Moors, to be completed within 24 hours from start to finish.
The walk originates from a challenge set to walk for 40 miles around North Yorkshire without leaving the heather moor (besides crossing a few roads).
The walk has its own council and membership which follow traditions and folklore associated with the area and its Christian past.